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FAQ About Event Lanterns

We are going to take a look at some of the frequently asked questions we have received recently so that you can get a better idea of how sky lanterns can make your event better – whatever it might be.

What are some good occasions for sky lanterns?

This is an easy one because it’s really up to you. Whether it is an official holiday like Labor Day, the Fourth of July or even Halloween or Christmas, flying lanterns can be a great way to bring more meaning to the day.

There are also a lot of other occasions where they fit well. For example, memorial services, birthday parties, or any other type of party or event you may be having.

Are Chinese Lanterns Safe to Use?

This is another common question that many people have when it comes to sky lanterns. As long as you are following instructions carefully, you are not going to run into that many problems. And when you order with us, you’re going to get everything you need to know to make sure you stay safe.

Because they use fire and flammable materials, however, you are going to want to make sure you are safe. When you look back through history, you’re going to see that many, many people have been able to enjoy this cool way to light up the sky all without any problems.

Do I need to Assemble the Event Lanterns?

No! The good news is that when you buy from us, you are not going to have to worry about putting anything together before the big party. You will want to read the safety instructions, of course, but as for assembling the sky lanterns, this is not something you are going to have to worry about.

Are Your Event Lanterns Eco-Friendly?

Yes! We make sure that all the items we sell are 100% bio-degradable so you do not have to worry about having a negative impact on the environment. Not every sky lantern out there can say the same thing. This is why it is such a good idea to stick with us for all of your Chinese sky lantern needs.

What are Wish Lanterns?

Wish lanterns are like normal sky lanterns, but many people believe that sending them up grants you one wish. What you wish for is up to you, of course. There is definitely something special about sending up a lantern and making a wish as it ascends into the sky.

As it floats up there, it is a good time to think about your wish and what you can do to help make sure it happens. (Note: Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that your wishes will be fulfilled, but we think these lanterns are a great way to get a little help!)

Sky Lantern Launching Guidelines!

What are the guidelines to launch Sky Lanterns?

  • Only launch in dry, calm, windless conditions.
  • Only launch in open spaces, far away from airports, buildings, and overhead objects.
  • Launch away from dry crops, woodlands, and plants.
  • Please have a fire extinguisher and water close by for safety purposes.
  • Please do not use any damaged Lanterns. This includes lanterns with holes, tears, and or rips

How to Launch Sky Lanterns!

How do I Launch them?

  1. Remove the Sky Lantern from the plastic sleeve and carefully unfold it.
  2. Fill the Sky Lantern with air by gently swaying it in the air back and forth.
  3. Hold the Lantern from the top, in a fully extended upright position, at an arms length away.
  4. Have a helper light the fuel cell, which is pre-attached, until it has been fully lit.
  5. Please hold the lantern upright for 30-90 seconds while the hot air inflates the lantern.
  6. When you feel the lantern starting to rise, please guide the lantern while you release it.
  7. Make a wish and enjoy!

Event Lanterns are 100% Biodegradable!

What are the Lanterns made of?

  • The Lanterns are all hand made. They are composed of rice paper, a fuel cell, a bamboo ring (wire free) and a non-flammable string to support the fuel cell. The Rice paper and the string are flame retardant for safety!

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Sky Lanterns

Are they Biodegradable and Eco Friendly?

  • Yes, our lanterns are 100% Bio Degradable and Eco Friendly!

Eco-Friendly Sky Lanterns!

Eco-Friendly vs. Standard Sky Lanterns

  • The majority of manufacture’s use asbestos based chemicals to hold the fuel cell in place because it is cheaper to manufacture. Also, the majority of manufactures use metal wires to construct their lanterns. Our lanterns use no asbestos products; only use bamboo for structural support, and a non-wax fuel cell, which make our lanterns 100% Biodegradable.

Sky Lantern Fuel Cell Composition

What is the fuel cell made of?

  • The fuel cell for the small lanterns is composed of brown paper and paraffin, the giant lantern fuel cell is composed of Rib paper and paraffin
  • This burns up completely and self extinguishes before the lantern falls back to earth.

Pafaffin In Sky Lantern Fuel Cells

What is paraffin?

  • Paraffin is a flammable, whitish, translucent, solid consisting of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons, obtained by distillation from petroleum or shale and used in candles, cosmetics, polishes, and sealing and waterproofing compounds
  • Check out this page for more info: (More Info)

Sky Lanterns Fuel Cell Duration

How long do they stay lit for?

  • The Fuel cells stay light for 8-10 minutes depending on atmospheric conditions

Sky Lanterns Fuel Cell is Attached!

Is the Fuel Cell attached?

  • Yes, the fuel cell is attached and ready to launch right out of the package.

Sky Lanterns Assembly Not Required!

Do they require any assembly?

  • No, they do not require any assembly.

How far do Sky Lanterns Travel?

How far will they travel?

  • This depends entirely on the wind. On VERY calm days you can light them and the lanterns will come back down within 50 feet of where you are standing. But if there are winds then the lantern will travel at the same velocity and direction as the wind for the duration that it is airborne.

How high do Sky Lanterns go?

How high will they go?

  • They typically reach about 3,000 feet high and can reach heights of 5,000 feet in cold environments.

Too Much Wind for Sky Lanterns?

How much wind is too much wind?

  • We do not recommend lighting the lanterns off with more than 3 MPH of wind.
  • A good “Rule of Thumb” is if you are having difficulty lighting the lighter without having to cover it from the wind, then there is probably too much wind!

Can You Retrieve Sky Lanterns?

Will I get the sky lanterns back?

  • If the wind is very calm or nonexistent, then yes you can get them back if they fall close enough to where you lit them off.

Are Sky Lanterns A Fire Hazard or risk?

Are they a fire hazard or risk?

  • Anything that has fire or has to do with fire can be considered hazardous. They only become a risk if they are lit off in inappropriate places (under trees, indoors, near dry conditions, etc..) or in inappropriate wind conditions. (over 3 mph of wind)

Solo Launching a Sky Lantern

Can 1 person light a sky lantern by themselves?

  • Yes, one person can light them off by themselves, however we recommend that you have a partner to assist you for safety purposes.

Sky Lanterns Colors

What colors do they come in?

  • They come in White, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, and Red. (Sky Lanterns)
  • They come in White, Pink, Purple, and Red (Water Lanterns)
  • They come in White, Orange, and Red (Giant Lanterns)

Order Quantity

How many do I need to order?

  • This depends on what you are using them for? If you are using the sky lanterns for a wedding then we suggest that you order at least one for every person that will be attending the wedding!

Sky Lanterns Permits

Do you need permits to light them?

  • You do not need a permit to light sky lanterns, however you may want to check with your local municipality just in case.


Do I need permission from the local fire Department to light them?

  • Law does not require it. But if you are having a big event and lighting lots of lanterns its not a bad idea for safety reasons.

Sky Lanterns Legality

Are they Legal in all states?

  • Yes, They are completely legal in All 50 States!

Airport Launch

Should I light them near an airport?

  • We do not recommend lighting them near an airport because they can cause confusion among pilots trying to take off and land. We recommend that you stay at least 10 miles from major airports.

What happens to Sky Lanterns Fuel Cell

What happens after the fuel cell goes out?

  • After the fuel cell burns out completely the lantern then falls back to the earth.